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Printrbelt | Printrbot



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A rep-rap style 3D printer with “endless” possibilities 🙂
The Printrbelt is not for the faint of heart.  Adventurers welcome!


Invitation (warning) From Brook:

The Printrbelt is a special 3D printer. Imagine printing VERY long prints or twenty copies of a single part or a whole set of different parts all at once. That’s the dream. Printing with this printer is NOT like printing with a normal 3D printer. We are in uncharted territory here! The tilted X and Y axis and the conveyor belt Z axis require specially sliced 3D models. offers a free cloud service that will support the Printrbelt. (requires a Raspberry Pi3, not included) The main benefit is that you can cue up lots of models to print sequentially “unattended”.

For local file preparation (slicing), there is a free plugin provided by Polar 3D and they are working on an Octoprint plugin. Printrbot is also working on a geeky conversion tool…right now, you use it via a command line! Are you getting the flavor here? This is why we say experts only! We are looking for the community to dig in and blaze a new trail. We are an open source company and will share everything. We are looking for coders to volunteer and make the file conversion easier, dreaming about plugins for the major printing host software, and hoping to see crazy derivative reprap designs. Printing on a moving target is challenging, so we are looking for help on best practice for “bed adhesion” too.
You can help support us by buying a printer, jumping in, and helping us make this completely new printer style a new standard for print farms and crazy big prints.
Thanks for playing,